About Us

Aman kharaua

Learner | Market Analyst | CEO

Aman Kharaua is skilled in Momentum Trading/Investing with more than 5 years of experience in financial markets. He graduated with BE in Mechanical from ITM University Gwalior (M.P.).

Aman is passionate about building rule-based trading model to generate superior returns with lesser efforts. He believe that process is more important than outcome. He has developed Momentum trading/investing process which will help you achieve financial freedom through wealth creation.

He always believes in everything has to be learnt…even a child has to learn to walk…everyone has to go to School, and a College to acquire a Professional Degree to become a Doctor, an Engineer or a Scientist

“Nobody learns Trading and that is why they lose Trading has to be learnt too like any other Skill or be prepared to lose for sure”

Aman Kharaua aims to create awareness among the retail traders to focus more on Momentum Trading/Investing and he is skilled in explaining the market psychology in the simplest way. His motto towards the stock market is “Together we grow, as a Momentum Trading community”.